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Cold Steel - Trench Hawk Trainer - Rubber Training - Trench Hawk, Boxed

Trench Hawk Trainer


- Overall Length: 19 3/4"
- Material: Santoprene
- Weight: 15.9 oz

Coleman - Axe Camp - Axe Camp -

Get the right tool for multiple jobs when you're at the campsite with the Coleman Camp Axe. The sharp edge of the durable drop-forged steel head easily splits wood for a campfire or stove, while the flat edge works wonders for driving tent stakes into hard ground. When it's time to pack up, pulling your tent stakes is easy with the notch cut into the head.


- Heavy-duty drop-forged steel head
- Strong steel handle
- Non-slip rubber grip
- Tent stake puller notch in head

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Tex Sport - Pack Saw Blades 3/PK - Pack Saw Blades 3 Pack -

Sadly, no saw blade is built to last forever, so, when it's time to replace your Texsport Shape Shift, turn to this three-pack of replacement blades. It's stainless steel construction stands up to the elements and is ultra-durable throughout all of your heavy jobs.


- 13.8" stainless steel blade with diamond sharpened teeth
- Package of 3

Cold Steel - MAA English Bill - MMA Spear - English Bill 1055, Carbon Steel Blade, Ash Wood Handle

Like a surprising amount of historical battlefield weapons, the English Bill or "Bill Hook" owes its origins to agricultural use. This ancient forestry tool was used by peasants to hook creeping vines and hard-to-reach branches, clear foliage and when necessary even lop heavy limbs from trees. It didn't take much imagination to see the fighting applications of this heavy duty tool.

As it saw more and more use in combat, the Bill began to evolve into a dedicated fighter. Its next incarnation, with its sharpened edges and hooking blades was fast, agile and ferocious. A good Bill in the right hands could hook, entangle, thrust, stab, slice and chop with equal ease and oppose even heavily armed and mounted opponents.

Cold Steel's English Bill represents the highest quality battlefield evolution of this formidable tool. With a fully sharpened battle-ready blade spike and hook, supported by an extra deep steel socket and stout Boar Spear shaft.


- Weight (All): 81.1 oz
- Weight (Head): 33.1 oz.
- Width: 9"
- Head Height: 24 1/2"
- Handle: 65" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 89 1/2"

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