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Cold Steel - MAA European Boar Spear -

Cold Steel MAA European Boar Spear

Cold Steel's European Boar Spear takes inspiration from antique Germanic hunting spears. With its characteristically broad, oversized head and twin cutting edges and pronounced double quillons it is a high performance example of this iconic hunting tool. Featuring a stout leaf shaped blade with twin cutting edges and a thick reinforcing central spine, the European Boar Spear will stab and cut with surprising ease.

It's sturdy quillons stop the spear from penetrating too deeply when used against dangerous game, and make excellent parrying and trapping tools when fighting a two legged opponent. Complete with an stout, thick premium American ash shaft, the European Boar Spear is sure to be very popular with the big game hunting community, re-enactors and historical martial artists.


- Weight (All): 79.9 oz.
- Weight (Head): 31.9 oz.
- Head Length: 18"
- Handle: 65" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall: 83"

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Cold Steel - MAA European Spear -

Cold Steel MAA European Spear

The European Spear is a prime example of effective and simple design. It is quite simply a spear done right. Its design has changed very little since the Bronze Age. The sheer perfect simplicity of this design has made it a timeless classic.

Every inch of this high quality hunting and battlefield tool screams perfection. From its fully sharpened double edged blade to its walnut stained American ash handle it is a beautiful all-round spear that would have pride of place in any collection.


- Weight (All): 52.3 oz.
- Weight (Head): 21.9 oz.
- Head Length: 20 1/2"
- Handle: 64" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall: 84 1/2"

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Cold Steel - MAA Lance Point Spear -

Cold Steel MAA Lance Point Spear

The Lance Point is (as its name suggests) a formidable weapon when used from horseback. Historically it was used by German, French, British and Indian cavalry troops and could punch through armor and transfix adversaries with ease.

Throughout Cold Steel's research and development testing they were consistently astounded by the penetrative power of the Lance Points hollow ground, spring tempered triangular blade. Puncturing hard targets with the slightest effort and inflicting a devastating entry wound, it was fast, lively in hand and incredibly effective whether used from horseback, on foot or even thrown into appropriate targets!


- Weight (All): 42.6 oz.
- Weight (Head): 12.2 oz.
- Head Height: 16"
- Handle: 64" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 80"

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Cold Steel - MAA Classic Leaf Shaped Spear -

Cold Steel MAA Classic Leaf Shaped Spear

The long socket imports a great deal of strength, reinforcing the central ridge of the head, while the extra wide double cutting edges and stout point puncture well and inflict a huge wound channel. With a multitude of battlefield and hunting applications, the leaf shaped spear was not only lightweight and maneuverable, but also suitable for throwing, thrusting and slashing.

This modern interpretation of the leaf shaped spear features a fully sharpened carbon steel blade with a hard spring temper and a premium American ash shaft.


- Weight (All): 49.9 oz.
- Weight (Head): 19.5 oz.
- Head Height: 17"
- Handle: 64" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 81"

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Cold Steel - MAA Wing Spear -

Cold Steel MAA Winged Spear

The Winged Spear is a true product of the battlefield. Its blade is wide and sharp enough to almost double as a pole arm, while its pronounced wings can be used to trap and pin an opponent's limbs, snag his shield and parry and entangle his weapons.

After countless hours of sparring and experimentation Cold Steel's company President Lynn Thompson and his training partners found many subtle nuances to this surprisingly versatile weapon. Lynn found that the more time you spend "making it your own" the more great opportunities present themselves when sparring and fighting. The head of the Winged Spear even made an effective parrying dagger and short sword on its own!


- Weight (All): 82.1 oz.
- Weight (Head): 34.1 oz.
- Head Height: 24"
- Handle: 65" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 89"

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Cold Steel - Two Handed Great Sword -

The Two Handed Great Sword is a very large sword. But don't let its size fool you, as there is nothing awkward or clumsy about this awesome sword. Sure it's big and meant to be carried over the shoulder instead of in a scabbard, but it's extremely well balanced and easily wielded by people of larger stature and physical strength. Weighing 6 lbs. 13.5 oz. with a 397/8" high carbon steel blade, it will make short work of pikemen or swordsmen and will prove equally effective against modern rifle butts and bayonets. To protect the hands from opposing weapons, it features a large guard with side rings plus integral parrying hooks that allow the blade to be shortened for close range slashing and stabbing attacks. The handle is made of wood and covered with leather and is extra long to afford a full two handed grip. What's more, it's capped by a heavy steel pommel that helps counter balance its long blade and serves as an effective weapon in its own right. Each sword comes fully sharpened and battle ready and you will be thrilled with its fantastic fit and finish. If you're looking for the ultimate in big performance oriented swords, your search is over.

Weight: 109.5 oz.
Blade Thickness: 7/32"
Blade Length: 39 7/8"
Handle: 15 3/8" long. Leather Wrapped
Steel: 1050
Overall Length: 55 1/4"
Sheath: This Sword does not include a scabbard

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Cold Steel - Samburu Spear - (Black Finish)

Each of the Samburu spears break down into three components: The first is the spear head itself, permanently welded to a thick steel shaft. Second is the counter balancing butt spike also known as the shoe. This is used as an alternative point for practice throwing, preserving the actual spear blade itself for more serious work. Third is the black, hardwood handle with a double taper connecting the head and shoe.

The Samburu spears come unassembled for ease of transportation. All you have to do is fit the blade and butt spike tightly to the handle and attach them with the provided retaining screws. They come complete with a Secure-Exa sheath.

These spears could be described as the 300 Winchester Magnum of the spear world. They can be used at long range, fly straight, have a flat trajectory, hit hard and penetrate deep. Like the 300 Win Mag, they can be used to take any animal in North America.


- Head: 7"
- Overall Length: 7'
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Weight: 2 Lbs 8 oz
- Handle: US Made Hickory
- Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath

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Cold Steel - Assegai with Sheath - Short Shaft

Assegai w/ Short Shaft with Sheath
The Assegai was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa.
Cold Steel's version is available with your choice of two different shaft lengths.


- Weight: 12.8 oz (Spear Head)
- Spear Width: 2mm (2 1/2") Wide
- Head Length: 13 1/3"
- Steel: SK-5 Medium Carbon
- Overall: 3 Ft (Short) Handle: American Ash
- Sheath: Secure-Ex

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Cold Steel - Wide Blade Samburu Spear - (705442018438)

The warriors of the semi-nomadic Samburu tribe in Kenya known as Lmurran are imposing figures - never cutting their long braided hair and decorating their faces and torsos in intricate patterns using a mixture of animal fat and red ochre. Their herds are constantly menaced by vicious predators and subject to raids by lawless bandits so the Lmurran rarely venture far without being armed with their infamous spears! The Samburu warriors throwing spear is the most advanced spear of its type on the planet. Routinely dispatching leopards lions and even those firearm toting bandits at impressive distances! Inspired by the Samburu we developed our two variations of Samburu spears but with modern materials. This year marks the introduction of the Wide Blade Samburu Spear. Based on Lynn C. Thompsons hunting experience with the Samburu Spear we have created a new variation with a much wider head. Intended for thin skin game where penetration is not an issue it cuts a huge wound channel to dispatch the quarry in an even quicker more humane manner.

All of our Samburu spears are easily disassembled for transportation and they all come complete with a Secure-Ex sheath.

The Cold Steel Samburu is comprised of three distinct components:

- The sharp leaf shaped spear head itself which is welded to a steel shaft.
- The counter-balancing steel butt spike or shoe which used as an alternative point for practice.
- A black Hickory handle with a double taper.


- Handle: Hickory
- Steel / Material:SK-5
- Overall: 7
- Weight: 2 lbs. 9.7 oz.
- Includes: Secure-Ex Sheath

  • Wide Blade Samburu Spear
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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