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Birchwood Casey - Sharpshooter Std,Backer&Shoot-N-C Tgt Kit - Sharpshooter Targets Standard, Backer&Shooter Kit -

This easy-to-use Sharpshooter Stand and Target kit comes with a frame, plastic corrugated backer board, and a variety of ShootNC targets. Excellent for backyard plinking. Reusable and portable.

Key Features:

- Easy-to-use Sharpshooter Stand and Target kit
- Comes with frame, plastic corrugated backer board, and a variety of ShootNC targets
- Reusable and portable

Stand & Target Kit Includes:

- 1 Metal Frame
- 1-12" x 18" Backer Board
- 1-12" x 18" Silhouette
- 1-12" Bull's-eye
- 1-12" Sight-in
- 1-8" Bull's-eye
- 54 Pasters

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Birchwood Casey - Rigid Clay Tgt Stand Corrugatd Crdbrd Kit - Rigid Clay Target Stand Corrugatd Cardboard Kit -

Rigid Clay Holder Stand is made of heavy corrugated cardboard. It's A-frame design is easy to set up and portable. Die-cut holes fit standard-size clay birds. Perfect for shooting solo or racing a friend!


- Made of heavy corrugated cardboard.
- Die-cut holes fit standard-size clay birds.
- Designed for multiple uses.


- 3 sheets: 1", 2" & 3" Shoot-N-C Targets
- Weight: 12 oz.

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Birchwood Casey - Sharpshooter Range Target Holder (Blue) -

The Sharpshooter Range Target Holder is specifically designed for the overhead target holder assemblies found at indoor ranges but is suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios. Made of corrugated plastic, and featuring three fold-over flaps to hold almost any size paper target, the Range Target Holder is long lasting and versatile. Three replacement target clips add to the Sharpshooter Range Target Holders longevity. The simple Obey the Rule of the Range message promotes good stewardship and responsible action at the firing line.


- Designed for overhead target holder assemblies found at indoor ranges and other scenarios.
- Made of corrugated plastic.
- Features three fold-over flaps to hold almost any size paper target.


- Range Target Holder: 1 Target
- Weight: 3.9 lbs.

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Birchwood Casey - Portable Shooting Range/Targets - Portable Shooting Range with Targets -

This convenient, easy-to-use shooting range comes with a supply of ShootNC targets and 18" weatherproof plastic corrugated backer! The range is perfect for rifles, pistols and shotguns and has a footrest for easily pushing it into the ground to prevent turning in the wind. Its constructed from heavy-duty welded steel, yet its lightweight and simple to set up. Arms pinch the corrugated for a firm hold use with the flutes horizontal for easiest lateral adjustment and rigidity when shooting. Durable plastic backboard comes in 25" x 23" size for multiple or large targets and withstands hundreds of rounds of shooting fun!

Key Features:

- Perfect for rifles, pistols and shotguns
- Portable shooting range includes 13 self-adhesive Shoot-N-C Targets

Kit Includes:

- 1 Heavy Duty Steel Frame
- 1 18" x 18" Backboard
- 2 12" Bulls-Eye Targets
- 1 12" Sight-In Target
- 1 8" Bulls-Eye Target
- 1 5 1/2" Bulls-Eye Target
- 2 3" Bulls-Eye Targets
- 6 2" Bulls-Eye Targets
- 58 1" Pasters

Champion Traps and Targets - Target Holder w/Case - Target Holder with Case -

Our Field Target Holder with 8 target clips provides a convenient place to hang targets or cans. The portable target holder keeps all your targets a full 28 inches off the ground. It is made of solid steel and equipped with a wind-resisting anchor plate. And now the Field Target Holder and clips comes in a convenient nylon carrying case with a drawstring closure and shoulder strap for easy portability.

Do-All Traps - .22/.17 Bullet Box - .22/.17 Bullet Box -

.17 / .22 Bullet Box
This portable shooting range for .22 & .17 rim fire gives any shooter the convenience of a quick and safe set up, knowing that heavy duty construction will withstand the punishment from any avid shooter. This unit only weighs 20 lbs. And comes with an instructional DVD.

- Fun Portable Shooting Range
- Soft Nose .22's and .17's (Rim Fire Only)
- Air Gun Non-Steel Pellets
- Quick and Safe Set Up
- Heavy Duty Steel Construction and Powder Coat Paint
- Monster Clip for Paper Target Bulls Eye Accuracy
- 10" x 11" Target Area
- Instructional DVD

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Champion Traps and Targets - Chalk Targets Holder (Per 3) Each holds one target -

With these fun, reactive targets from Champion, you'll know instantly when you hit your mark. Set these targets up on one of two holder systems for increased shooting excitement. The bright chalk discs provide shooters high visibility targets at various distances. The Single Holder Systems are bendable to accommodate hanging from nails or fence lines. They also feature push pins in the back, allowing shooters to attach them to cardboard and other similar materials. Utilize the Multi Holder system to take on your buddy in a shooting challenge.

Features & Benefits

- See hits instantly when discs shatter
- Colored discs increase visibility
- Improve shooting skill by varying distance
- Stand alone or push pin option
- Durable stand for hanging or holding targets
- 12-16 inches tall
- Includes 12 targets (2.5-inches in diameter)
- Includes 3 stand alone target holders

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Crosman - Varmint Target Block HD Foam - Varmint Target Block HD Foam -

8" x 8" High density foam block traps pellets and BBs. Each side depicts one of the Crosman Varmint Targets. Easy to use indoors or out. For use only with airguns shooting less than 700 fps.


- Each side depicts one of the Crosman varmint targets
- For use only with airguns shooting less than 700 fps


- 8" x 8"
- High-density foam

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Caldwell - Ultimate Target Stand - Ultimate Target Stand -

The durable all-weather design and user-friendly features truly make this new target stand The Ultimate Target Stand. The stand features an oversized backer to hold multiple large targets (two 15" targets side by side) and is constructed of an all-weather moisture resistant material. The large size makes sighting in easy, no more bullets missing the target. The modular frame design collapses to occupy much less space during transport & storage. The frame arms are constructed of durable steel rod and hold the backer securely in place. Removable ground stabilizer adds support from wind during use and conveniently stows onto the feet. The base of the stand is open, allowing you to use your foot to drive the molded-in metal spikes solidly into the ground. It even has an integrated storage container for holding miscellaneous range supplies such as staples or target pasters.


- Ultra-Stable design
- Extra large backer can hold two 15"x15" targets side by side
- Great for sighting in or patterning
- Collapses for easy transport


- Weight: Approx. 2 pounds
- Frame Material: Molded plastic and Steel
- Package Size: 10.5? wide x 24? high x 2? deep

Champion Traps and Targets - Folding Paper Target Holder - Folding Paper Target Holder -

The Folding Target Holder from Champion Traps & Targets is the perfect way to take shooting on the road. This portable, lightweight target accessory provides the mobile sports shooter with a handy and stable spot to place paper targets. Sight in a rifle at deer camp, plink with friends or just plain shoot for practice. The convenient folding stand stores away compactly in the carrying case making a trip easy anytime shooting is the goal.

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Champion Traps and Targets - Clay Target Holder 3Pk - Clay Target Holder (3 Pack) -

Champion Targets Clay Shooting Target Holder, 3 pack

Champion Targets Clay Target Holder gives shooters a great way to take advantage of clay targets. These target holders from Champion Targets are made of rugged polymer imageplastic and bring a whole new level of versatility to standard clay shooting targets. Simply stake the holders into the ground, fill with Champion Clay Targets and enjoy hours of shooting fun.

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Do-All Traps - MOA Paper Target Hanger - MOA Paper Target Hanger -

Do All Outdoors MOA Paper Target Hanger (MOA1)


- Ideal for all firearms and ammunition
- 5/16 Inch welded steel construction
- Sturdy corrugated backerboard
- Lightweight for easy portability
- Compatible with most sticker targets or attach paper targets (not included)
- Folds down for portability

Do-All Traps - Simple Shot Paper Target Hanger - Simple Shot Paper Target Hanger -

Do All Outdoors Simple Shot Paper Target Hanger (SP222)

The Do-All MOA Paper Target Hanger is perfect for taking to the range, or shooting in your backyard. The sturdy steel frame is lightweight, durable, and easy to take down for transport. The stand has a simple design that allows you to easily adjust the stand height to accommodate any size paper targets. Just adjust the stand to the proper height and clip the paper target in place with the provided clips.


- 5/16" welded steel construction
- Sturdy trident footer grips the ground for stability

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