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Excalibur - Extinguisher Arrow Puller - (626192020741)

extinguisher arrow puller


- stronger grip for arrow removal
- turns off lumenoks

  • extinguisher arrow puller

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Horton - Dedd Sled 50, Black - (788244011005)

hortons lightweight dedd sled 50 reduces a crossbows draw weight by 50%. compatible with all tenpoint horton and wicked ridge crossbows.


compatible with: all tenpoint horton and wicked ridge crossbows.
color: black

  • dedd sled 50 black

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Allen Cases - Crossbow Cocking Rope Double Handle, Red - (026509011484)

allen crossbow cocking rope


- oversized handles for better grip and overall control
- reduces draw weight up to 50%
- molded string hooks will not damage rail
- for use with most crossbow models

  • crossbow cocking rope

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Excalibur - Fail Safe Hand Strap, Assassin Crossbow and Charger EXT - (626192740694)

Excalibur Fail Safe Strap for the Assassin crossbow and Charger EXT.


- Color: Black

  • Fail Safe Hand Strap Assassin Crossbow and Charger EXT
  • Brand: Excalibur

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Excalibur - Replacement handle for the Charger EXT Crank - (626192740731)

Replacement handle for the Charger EXT Crank.

  • Replacement handle for the Charger EXT Crank
  • Brand: Excalibur

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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies - ACU-rope w/case -

The ACUrope is TenPoints revolutionary portable, retractable rope-cocker. The ACUrope reduces the effort to cock your crossbow by 50% like traditional rope-cockers on the market, but that is where the comparison ends. When the shooter is finished cocking the bow, the ACUrope's draw cord completely retracts inside one of the two grips. Then, the grips dovetail neatly together to form a compact unit that the hunter can conveniently slip inside a belt-mounted holster or pouch. The unit's slender draw cords, pound-for-pound 15-times stronger than steel, are made of heat and abrasion resistant SPECTRA fiber. A pair of heavy-duty constant-force springs packed neatly inside the retracting grip power the spool, which is mounted on a durable steel axle and frame. The grips are made from Zytel Super Tough Nylon.

- Includes Case

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Wicked Ridge - Rope Cocker -

Ultra-durable crossbow rope-cocker features an abrasion resistant, high-tenacity polyester cord, custom-dyed in high-visibility hunter orange. Its plastic handles and hooks are constructed from the same super-tough ST801 nylon as the ACU-52.

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Barnett - Cranking Device - Vengeance

Designed to be fully integrated into the stock of the bow for a low-profile, comfortable fit. The handle can be easily adjusted for right or left-handed hunters and can be removed after each use. Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs.


Fits the Following Crossbows:

- Brotherhood
- Buck Commander
- Ghost Series
- Panzer V
- Penetrator
- Quad Series
- Raptor Series
- Razr
- Recruit Series
- Vengeance
- Wildcat Series

Barnett - Arrow Decocking System - Thump

The patent pending shock absorbing EVAC Decelerators slide up the shaft at point of contact with the ground. The unique design allows for the safe discharge of the crossbow and eliminates the unnecessary waste of a good arrow.


- Minimizes Penetration To de-cock Your Crossbow
- Can Be Shot Out of Any Barnett Model Crossbow
- Unique Impact Breaking System
- Safety Arrow Head
- Reusable Design
- Fits Any Quiver
- Weight: Approximately 1 lb

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Barnett - Evac, Use and Lose Decocking System -

Barnett's Evac Decocking Bolt allows you to unload your crossbow quickly and safely without damaging one of your hunting bolts. By simply placing the bolt in the flight track, aiming your bow at the ground at a 45° angle and shooting, you'll release all kinetic energy stored in your crossbow. And, at 500 gr., it's suitable for use with even the most powerful equipment. Glow Tech fletching makes the cock vane easy to distinguish. 100% biodegradable construction.


- De-cocking bolts for safe and controlled crossbow deactivation
- Glow in the dark for correct fletch and nock track alignment
- 500 Grains


- Length: 9"

Barnett - Arrow Decocking System - Thump 3

Barnett Thump De-Cocking System

Barnett Crossbows is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, and has held the honour of the fastest crossbows on the market for years!
The Barnett Thump Arrow Decocking System Is the Perfect Choice for any Bow and will Simplifies your Shooting Experience.
This Crossbow Arrow Decocking System Uses EVAC Decelerators That Slide Up the Shaft at Point of Contact with the Ground.
The Thump Arrow Decocking System Allows for the Safe Discharge of the Crossbow, it won't Let you Down When your Hunting and Shooting.

- Minimizes penetration to decock your crossbow
- Can be shot out of any Barnett model crossbow
- Unique impact breaking system
- Safety arrow head
- Reusable design
- Fits any quiver
- Weight: Approximately: 1 pounds
- Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 22 x 5 x 1 inches.
- Mfg Number: 17526

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Barnett - Crossbow Rope Cocking Device -

The Barnett Crossbow Universal Rope Cocking Device fits all models. The Rope Reduces cocking efforts by fifty Percent.


- Universal crossbow accessory fits all barnett models
- Lets you manually cock your weapon while reducing draw weight by 50 Percent
- Ensures bow is evenly cocked for maximum accuracy
- Includes limited five year manufacturer's warranty


- Brand Name: Barnett
- Color: Black
- Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 7.6 x 25.4 cm
- Width: 1.75 inches
- Weight: 204 g

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Barnett - Crank Cocking Device with Power Stroke (16" or Less) -

The Barnett Crank Cocking Device Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs on all compatible crossbows! Designed to be fully integrated into the stock of the bow for a low profile, comfortable fit. The handle can be easily adjusted for right or left hand hunters and can be removed after each use. Compatible with Ghost series, Quad Series, Wildcat Series, Panzer V series, Buck Commander series, BCX series, Penetrator series, Vengeance series, Recruit series and Raptor FX series, Brotherhood series, BCR series and Razr series.


- Power Stroke up to 15 inches
- Tension of 17 lbs
- Low Profile
- Comfortable fit
- Right and Left hand adjustment


- Brotherhood
- Buck Commander
- Ghost series
- Panzer V
- Penetrator
- Quad series
- Raptor FX series
- Razr
- Recruit series
- Vengeance series
- Wildcat series


- Brand Name: Barnett
- Color: Black
- Weight: 499 g
- Product Dimensions: 30.5 x 15.2 x 10.2 cm
- Item model number: 17450
- Height: 4 inches
- Length: 12 inches
- Weight: 905 grams
- Width: 6 inches

Barnett - Rope Cocking Device -

The Rope Cocking Device is one of the greatest developments in crossbow history, reducing the poundage pull by half. The T- handles allow you to create more pull with less strain, saving your finger tips. The brass cord rollers (just like they use on a sailboat) provides the smooth drawing action that make the RCD so nice to own. The RCD is compatible with most crossbows and stores neatly away in your pocket.

Excalibur - Cocking Aids - Cocking Rope, (ALL Crossbows)

Excalibur's ROPE COCKING AID will allow you to comfortably load and unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% as well as guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components. It uses comfortable "T" handles and easily slips into a pocket when not in use.

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Excalibur - Crossbow Stringer -

Changing strings on your Excalibur Crossbow is fast and easy when you use our Crossbow Stringer. It really takes the sweat out of stringing, unstringing, or changing strings

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Excalibur - Crankaroo Replacement Rope -

Is the rope on your Crankaroo a little frayed The Replacement Rope for Crankaroo is just what you need. The Crank Rope Kit has a strong braided rope designed to replace that well used one on your Crankaroo. Comes with simple instlation instructions.

Excalibur - Cocking Aids - C2-Crank

Excalibur's C2 Crank is the perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows.


- Guarantees consistent string alignment for best accuracy
- Minimal effort required to cock any current model crossbow (These are the 2008 and newer stocks, either with the thumbhole, or 5 diagonal slash marks located on either side of the trigger, also fits the Vixen II)
- Detaches in seconds, removing unnecessary weight from the crossbow unlike permanently mounted cranks
- Constructed of high-strength light-weight aluminum alloys to reduce weight
- Machined to the tightest tolerances to provide years of trouble-free service

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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies - ACU-draw 50 Black -

Rope cocking device that reduces draw weight by 50%.

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Barnett - Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device -

The easiest and most affordable way to cock your crossbow. Compatible with most crossbows. Reduces strength required to cock a crossbow by one half. Also includes Multi Tool.

Crosman - Crossbow Rope Cocker - (028478149519)

works with most crossbows. keep one in the truck and one in your pack!


- fits: most crossbows

  • crossbow rope cocker

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Allen Cases - Slideguide Crossbow Cocking Sled - (026509026617)

Slideguide Crossbow Cocking Sleds are unique from other cocking sleds in one radical way. Slideguide utilizes the crossbows rail groove as a track to guide your cocking sled up and down the length of the rail. It also employs a self-aligning guide spring system that runs along the side of the crossbow rails to keep the sled perfectly aligned during movement. These two physical features work in tandem to keep your sled balanced and in perfect contact with the crossbow which makes cocking easy. In addition because Slideguide utilizes the geometry of the rail groove it is less effected by the principle of friction and therefore requires less force in order to glide easily up and down the crossbow rail.


- They can fit many crossbow rails and are not limited to one size width-like other similar products
- They require LESS physical force to cock your crossbow than other cocking sleds-due to a reduction of friction along the crossbow rail
- Because the string contact points do not move they are easier to manipulate and use than typical rope cocking devices
- A silicone over-molded pulling handle gives you superior grip contact points to eliminate hand fatigue while cocking
- Small product stature makes it a great candidate to stow in pockets of hunting coats hunting packs or ground blinds


- Draw Weight: 185 lb.
- Color: Gray
- Accent Color: Red
- Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 6 x 1.70
- Weight: .05 lbs

  • Slideguide Crossbow Cocking Sled
  • Brand: Allen Cases

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Allen Cases - Crankx Crossbow Cocker - (026509026624)

Allen Crank-x Crossbow Cocker


- Dramatically Reduces Effort to Cock Crossbow
- Adjusts and Locks to Fit Most Crossbow Formats and Brands
- Easily Swap Handle for Left- and Right-handed Shooters
- Small Size to Fit in Your Pack

  • Crankx Crossbow Cocker
  • Brand: Allen Cases

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