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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies - TenPoint String Wax & Conditioner -

Made from all natural compounds, TenPoint String Wax and Conditioner comes in a convenient chap-stick style tube. This string wax and conditioner both lubricates and rejuvenates bow strings and cables.

Scent-free and waterresistant, it greatly reduces string friction and abrasion against cable slides, wheels, or cams.

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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies - Flight Rail and Trigger Lube -

The Flight Rail and Trigger Lube, unlike other manufacturers' gel-based lubricants, will not gum-up in cold weather or collect dirt and grit, which could make your trigger sluggish and impede its performance.

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Excalibur - Serving Wax -

Excalibur's Serving Wax will dramatically increase string life by reducing the friction created when firing your crossbow. Comes in a handy resealable container.

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Excalibur - Ex-Lube (Rail Lubricant) -

Excalibur EX-LUBE is designed to extend the life of your strings serving and maximize the speed of your crossbow by reducing friction. This odor free, non-toxic lubricant comes in a handy tube and continues to work in even the coldest hunting conditions.

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Excalibur - Ex-Oil (Trigger + Hardware Oil) -

This superior, all purpose lubricant will keep your bow and its trigger mechanism functioning flawlessly in even the toughest weather. Ex-Oil comes in a convenient container that will allow for precise placement into your triggers working parts and it is scent free.

Excalibur - X Slick Superior Rail Lubricant - (626192070135)

x-slick rail lubricant


- silicon based oil
- takes the hassle/mess out of
- lubing the crossbow
- gives a smooth shot every time

  • x slick superior rail lubricant

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Ravin Crossbows - Crossbow Serving and String Conditioner Liquid, 8 Gram - (815942022801)

The Ravin Crossbow Serving and String Conditioner is a non-wax polymeric lubricant for applying to the center serving of string. The conditioner is odor-free and waterproof. The conditioner should be applied at least once a year or before use in weather below 32 F.


- Quantity: 8 Gram

  • Crossbow Serving and String Conditioner Liquid 8 Gram
  • Brand: Ravin Crossbows

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