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Primos Hunting - SIT N SPIN, CRAZY CRITTER, BOX - Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter - (010135101350)

Primos SitN Spin Crazy Critters stop & go erratic movements mimic those of a wounded rodent or bird. The small collapsible design of the SitN Spin makes packing it a breeze. The stake and decoy mount can be unscrewed from the motor and attached to clips on the side of the motor casing for easy portability. Dont give em a chance to avoid your setup. Speak the Language and draw them in with the SitN Spin Crazy Critter. Only from Primos.


- Control this decoy with your Primos Electronic Caller
- Stop & Go Eye Catching Movement
- Imitates an Injured & Panicking Critter
- Intermittent 3600 Spinning Motion
- Realistic Fur with Flaring White Tip Tail
- Adjustable Speed Dial


Critter Motor & Ground Stake


- Compatible with Boss Dogg Alpha Dogg and Turbo Dogg Electronic Callers Primos Electronic Callers with External Decoy Jack

  • Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter
  • Brand: Primos

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Primos Hunting - Rack-N -Roll - Deer Call - Rack-N-Roll

Mimic two mature bucks fighting with the Primos Rack-n-Roll. The Rack-n-Roll was designed and tested in an independent sound lab where a real recording of two 140 class bucks was broken down and analyzed by tone and frequency. Engineers then took that data and created individually tuned nodes that exactly match those tones and frequencies produced by mature bucks in battle. Multiple sections of nodes were combined to create the volume and realism of two full sets of antlers coming together. To top it off, the Rack-n-Roll is the only rattling device that allows you to rattle with one hand so you have a free hand to keep your bow or rifle ready!


- Reproduces the sound of two full racks of mature bucks fighting
- Easy one handed use
- Quiet to carry and easy to pack

Mojo Decoys - MOJO Hawk - MOJO Hawk -

The Mojo Hawk predator hunting decoy was developed to add another dimension to predator calling. It is used by placing the hawk above a wounded prey decoy and an electronic caller to give the predator the sense that a bird of prey has either wounded or found a wounded prey and is about to make off with it and if the predator wants the easy meal, he needs to rush in. Predators, especially coyotes, have a tendency to hang up a couple of hundred yards out, then maybe circle downwind to come in. The wounded prey decoy alone adds realism to the set up, and keeps the focus of the predator on the decoy and off of you, the caller/hunter especially when the sounds are placed at the decoy. However, it does nothing to give the predator a sense of urgency that prevents him from traveling downwind and getting your scent. This is especially important in heavy cover.


- The Mojo Hawk is especially designed to simulate a hawk in a fighting mode as if it had wounded or found a wounded prey and adds great realism to the set up
- Complete with standard Mojo 6 volt rechargeable battery and equipped with standard Mojo breast peg and mounting pole
- The Mojo Hawk predator hunting decoy adds a dimension in predator calling

Primos Hunting - Wireless Decoy Ground Swat Grey Camo - Wireless Sit N Spin Decoy -

Create a fully authentic predator zone by linking any combination of Dogg Net devices! This isn't just switching
sounds from one speaker to another, it's moving sounds from one location to another for calls and movements
predators can't resist—all with full 360° sound coverage. Use the Dogg Caller Remote included to choose
preloaded Expert Hunts for even more authenticity!

Wireless Sit-N-Spin Decoy


- Wireless control with your Primos Mobile App or Remote
- Stop & Go eye catching movement
- Imitates an injured & panicking critter
- Intermittent 360° spinning motion
- Realistic fur with flaring white tip tail


- Color: Gray Camo

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