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Primos Hunting - Gobbstopper Combo - Gobbstopper - Combo (010135690649)

fire up all the territorial animosity a big tom can muster with the gobbstopper turkey decoy combo from primos. giving hunters a realistic detail sure to drive mature gobblers crazy these lightweight collapsible decoys are modeled after live wild turkeys by a master taxidermist for a true-to-life look. gobbstopper hen decoy offers upright contented and submissive positions while the gobbstopper jake features a submissive quarter strut posture to bring out the aggression in leery toms. lightweight and collapsible eva rubber decoys carry easily into the woods and back home. both hen and jake come with 2-piece stake. easy to set up.


- true-to-life turkey look at a great price
- jake and hen decoy combo - fire up the aggression in nearby toms
- lightweight and collapsible eva rubber construction
- realistic decoys modeled after live wild turkeys by a master taxidermist
- hen offers upright contented and submissive positions
- jake offers submissive quarter strut posture


- both decoys include 2-piece stake

  • gobbstopper combo

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Mojo Decoys - MOJO Shake N Jake -

Mojo, The World Leader in Decoys has teamed with Mr. Turkey himself, Preston Pittman, many times world champion turkey caller and expert turkey hunter, to develop the first ever full body, full motion turkey decoy - Shake-N-Jake! Any good turkey hunter knows how well turkeys see motion, use that for you instead of against you. Mojo is famous for motion decoys that not only attract game, but also divert attention away from the hunter. This is a specially designed, realistic full body decoy that has real turkey motion, not just a raising and lowering fan. Configured in the Jake style, in the off position, the tail is both down and collapsed. Remote controlled up to 150', it raises it's tail and fans it while simultaneously turning it's body, just like real gobblers do! Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included), mounts on a 2' (when assembled) steel-mounting stake, which stores inside decoy. The most realistic turkey decoy ever invented. Comes with Blaze orange safety carry bag with straps. Here is what Mr. Turkey has to say, "I have hunted with every type of turkey decoy ever made, and have never seen anything like Shake-N-Jake. I have been most impressed with the aggression aged gobblers have demonstrated toward this decoy!" Preston Pittman.

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Primos Hunting - Gobbstopper HD Hen, Box - Gobbstopper - HD Submissive Hen

The Primos Gobbstopper HD Hen Turkey Decoy delivers high definition looks at an affordable price. This lightweight hen decoy is modeled from a live wild turkey hen by a master taxidermist. Set in a submissive posture, the ultra-realistic look will fool the leeriest toms and rival the competitions best looking decoys at half the price. Comes with an easy to use stake for quick set up in the field. The body is constructed of EVA rubber, so it can be collapsed for easy transport.


- Realistic turkey decoy at an affordable price
- Submissive posture
- Lightweight EVA collapsible body
- Easy to use stake

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Mojo Decoys - MOJO Scoot n Shoot -

The Scoot & Shoot is Mojo's Revolutionary turkey decoy that allows the hunter to participate in the most effective and exciting way to hunt turkeys. It is a Boss Gobbler Decoy with built in handle and ground stake that is especially designed to be used in the very effective Turkey Reaping method of hunting, where the hunter can spot turkeys and by covering their face, and as much of their body as they can with the decoy, actually crawl (or creep) upon turkeys.

Once a mature gobbler detects what he instantly recognizes as a strange gobbler entering his space, they will most times charge the decoy, allowing very close and extremely exciting shots. If the hunter will hide their facial area behind the decoy, the turkeys do not seem to notice the remainder of the body. The decoy has flared wings to offer more area to cover the hunters body and is equipped with hunter orange strips for safety. Doubles as a stationary gobbler decoy.

Complete with realistic silk removable tail (fan) and includes easily attachable hub that accommodates a real fan for the ultimate in realism.

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Primos Hunting - Gobbstopper Jake, Box - Gobbstopper -

The Primos Gobbstopper is custom designed by world-class sculptors and features the detail and paint scheme quality you would expect from a taxidermist. Its ultra-realistic look will fool the leeriest toms and rival the competition's best looking decoys.


- Submissive, 1/4 strut Jake posture makes Toms aggressive
- Excellent detail and High Definition paint that rivals more expensive decoys
- Light-weight, collapsible design for easy carry
- Included two-piece stake

Primos Hunting - Chicken On A Stick, Box - Chicken On A Stick Turkey Decoy -

Introducing the Chicken On A Stick Nature Defying-Turkey Decoy. In test after test, even the most skeptical hunters are amazed at how close turkeys get, and how much fun it is to get‘em there. Gotta see it to believe it? See the demo at primos.com.


- Get closer to aggressive Toms than ever before!
- Strutting Jake posture drives Gobblers crazy
- Perfect for decoying in stubborn field turkeys
- Specially designed two-piece stake with integrated gun rest and action camera mount
- Light-weight, collapsible design for easy carry
- No decoy assortment complete without one!

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Primos Hunting - B-Mobile - Turkey Decoy - B-Mobile

The plan to hatch B-Mobile was conceived three years ago. It all started with a real stuffed gobbler named Bob. Bob wasn't the easiest thing to carry around in the woods, but man he got the job done! When turkeys saw Bob, they would come in running. Bob worked great to bring in those weary gobblers, but he was hard to tote around. It was decided to try and build a decoy that worked as well as Bob but was more mobile. After working with prototypes of full strutting gobblers for the past three years, finally it all came together with B-Mobile (that's short for Bob-Mobile). Now you have all the benefits of a mounted gobbler in an easy to carry unit. Includes: Strutting Gobbler Decoy, Fold-Up Silk Fan, B-Mobile Fan Holder, Decoy Stake, Carrying Bag, Instructional DVD.

Features :

- Easy to Carry
- Full-Strut Gobbler Decoy
- Has a Fan Holder for Attaching a Real Fan
- Folds Up
- Compact
- Quick Set-Up
- Metal Stake

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Primos Hunting - Killer B - Turkey Decoy - Killer B

Killer B is made from the same proprietary formula that everyone has come to love with B-Mobile. You can also roll up Killer B for easy carry in your vest. This is the most realistic decoy on the market and the one you will find in all of the Primos Video Team members' vests when they go into the field. B-Mobile brought them in close. Killer B will have them strutting in your lap.


- Strutting Gobbler Decoy
- B-Mobile Silk Fan
- 90' Pull Line
- Mobile Series Fan Holder
- Mobile Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake
- Carrying Bag

Mojo Decoys - MOJO Fan-Tom (Fantom) -

Mojo introduces the ideal combination of effectiveness coupled with portability and ease of use with the Fan-Tom (Fantom), which is a string-operated stake and frame, which raises and lowers a realistic looking gobbler fan. This product is unbelievably effective in attracting even the most wary gobblers and has been tested and proven in the turkey fields for several years. The Mojo Fan-Tom boils the turkey decoy down to only the essential, effective components the tail fan and motion. When those wary old Toms have heard and seen it all, realistic fanning motion is key. The Mojo Fan-Tom provides this motion remotely or by hand.


- Raise and lower fan remotely with the 100' heavy-duty pull cord
- Use the tail by itself for one of the most simple, portable, effective tricks you've ever seen
- Transform any standard body decoy into a full body tail or fan motion decoy for a fraction of the price
- Use the silk fan or easily attach your own real fan
- Unique raise and lock spool produced realistic fanning motion even in high winds
- High quality steel construction that stakes anywhere and lasts, tall enough for high visibility and to compliment any other full body decoy
- Fan-Tom run and gun by quickly detaching the pull cord, raise and lower the fan by hand, or lock the fan up and go right at them for an aggressive gobbler pursuit

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Primos Hunting - Mobile Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake - Mobile Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake -

The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake fits all Mobile Series Decoys as well as a variety of other decoys on the market. If you have ever had a hard time getting your decoy stake into the ground, or if you have broken your plastic stake, then the Ground Breaker Decoy Stake is for you. It is an all metal stake that is lightweight and durable. The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake has a built-in foot press making it easier than ever to push the stake into the ground.


- All Metal Stake
- Foot Press
- Lightweight and Durable

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Mojo Decoys - Tail Chaser Max - Tail Chaser Max - (816740003733)

MOJO revolutionized turkey hunting in the last few years with the introduction of the MOJO Scoot & Shoot style of turkey hunting by use of the Tail Chaser and Scoot & Shoot Decoys both developed to facilitate the most aggressive and exciting style of turkey hunting where they come to you aggressively instead of you going to them often called fanning. The Tail Chaser was a convenient method whereby the turkey fan decoy was attached to the shotgun barrel. The new Tail Chaser Max contains the basic original barrel clamp and support legs which allows the hunter to set the shotgun on the ground while it remains erect and to remain hidden behind it without holding the gun. Improvements in the Max version include an oversize fan to better hide the hunter with a gobbler head for added realism comes with a redesigned hub to allow both the artificial fan furnished with the decoy along with a special hub that allows use of a real fan.

The hub mounting system has been redesigned to provide for more sight picture down the barrel and the use of optical sights.

Scoot and Shoot style of turkey hunting is not only the most exciting but adds a dimension to turkey hunting as it works best after the first few hours of daylight after the gobblers are henned up or grouped up in open spaces. So when calling is falling off later in the day look for gobblers in the open and Scoot and Shoot them with the Tail Chaser Max.

Once you experience how turkeys behave when your face is behind a turkey fan it becomes easy to see why you should never hunt with this fan on your gun barrel even when calling.

Package Includes:

- Oversized removable fan reduces turkeys ability to detect you
- Redesigned fan hub that accommodates artificial and real fans
- Erect legs to conveniently hold your gun upright on the ground
- Realistic gobbler head painted on fan
- Extremely portable and folds for easy carry
- Beneficial for calling creeping and fanning
- Allows you to go to them when they wont come to you
- Redesigned housing elevated to accommodate scopes

  • Tail Chaser Max
  • Brand: Mojo Decoys

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