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Mojo Decoys - MOJO Multi Decoy Receiver - Multi Decoy Receiver - (816740003702)

In the modern age of duck hunting most hunters use multiple motion decoys and especially multiple SWDs. It is oftentimes necessary to turn these off when hunting either highly pressured ducks and especially geese on short approach. Remotes that existed up until now were not suitable to do this as they used a single button for both on and off and were not reliable resulting in turning some on while turning others off. Leave it to MOJO - the Multiple Decoy Remote utilizes separate On and Off buttons so that if any decoy should not turn on or off at the first try then one can send that signal again without it changing the opposite signal. Comes wired to plug into any MOJO decoy equipped wit the remote receptacle. Will control an unlimited number of decoys within operating range up to 60 yards from one transmitter.

  • Multi Decoy Receiver
  • Brand: Mojo Decoys

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Allen Cases - OD Green 30"x50" Mesh Decoy Bag - Waterfowl Accessories - Olive Drab Green Mesh Decoy Bag

Mesh Decoy Bag

- Reinforced web shoulder straps
- Chest strap (sternum strap)
- "Beak Proof" mesh fabric
- Draw cord top closure
- Color: Olive Drab Green
- Dimensions: 30" x 50"

Mojo Decoys - Wind Dove - Wind Dove -

Wind driven spinning wing decoys are popular in some areas, especially where motorized decoys are not allowed. Mojo is the world leader in such decoys and now offers their popular dove decoy in a air driven version. Spins with the slightest wind. Utilizes the popular patented breast peg and included support pole. Realistic and effective with Mojo dependability.


- Spins with the slightest wind
- Dove

Mojo Decoys - Magnetic Wing Set (Baby/Floater) - Magnetic Wing Set - Baby/Floater

Mojo Magnetic Wings Baby/Floater come with slotted corrugated wings and metal shaft that is attached with the set screw to the Mojo. Removal and Installation of the wings has never been quicker, just slide them on and off!

Mojo Decoys - MOJO KING MALLARD Wings - King Mallard Wings, Set of 2 -
Mojo Decoys - MOJO KING MALLARD Wings - King Mallard Wings, Set of 2 -

Keep every member of your duck spread fresh and churning out maximum flash. Mojo Outdoors Mojo King Mallard Motorized Duck Decoy Replacement Wings are identical to the originals, with brilliant lifelike detail and high attraction power for inducing even educated ducks to crash the party. Set of 2 replacement wings outfits 1 MOJO King Mallard motorized decoy.


- Replaces faded motorized wings
- Identical to the originals
- Brilliant lifelike detail for high attraction power


- Quantity: Set of 2

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