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T/C Accessories - Maxi Ball Pre-Lubed 50 Cal, 320gr /20 - Maxi Ball Pre-Lubed 50 Cal, 320 Gr(Per 20) - (090161008427)

thompson centers original maxi-ball has been used extensively by target shooters and hunters for almost 20 years. its reputation as an exceptionally accurate bullet is unequalled. the wide lubricating grooves hold generous amounts of lubricant the key to easy and consistent loading. maxi-balls are lubricated with natural lube 1000+ bore butter eliminating the need to wipe the bore or clean between repeated shots. the maxi-ball is the preferred bullet of experienced hunters who look for the penetration needed for large game like elk moose or bear.


- caliber: .50
- bullet weight: 320 grain
- bullet type: lead flat nose lubricated
- quantity: 20 rounds

  • maxi ball pre-lubed 50 cal 320 grper 20

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T/C Accessories - Super 45 XR Sabots 45 Cal 155gr XTP /30 - Super 45 XR Sabots 45 Cal 155gr XTP (Per 30) - (090161022263)

the thompson center mag express sabots are designed to be used with jacketed or lead handgun bullets that load easily and are designed to separate quickly from the bullet. they offer superior performance with conventional charges or magnum charges of up to 155 grains of black powder or pyrodex equivalent.


- caliber: .45
- bullet weight: 155 grain
- bullet type: xtp
- quantity: 30 pack

  • super 45 xr sabots 45 cal 155gr xtp per 30

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Federal Cartridge - 350gr Ld Mzzleldr Bllt w/BOR Lock Sys /15 - .50 Caliber Muzzleloading Bullets - 350 Grains, Polymer Tip, Per 15 (604544614930)

federal premium is redefining modern in-line performance with the trophy lead muzzleloader bullet. its exclusive b.o.r. lock mz system provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot design thats easy to load scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating. the systems foundation is a polymer cup thats permanently attached to the bullet base. the force of ignition pushes the cup forward onto raised bands along the bullet shank expanding its diameter. this engages the rifling and seals the bore optimizing velocity and accuracy. the rear of the b.o.r. lock mz cup features a hard fiber-reinforced polymer ring that scours fouling from the breech as the bullet is pushed into place. this decreases the need to clean between shots and makes it easy to seat the bullet at the exact same depth for every shot. because theres no bulky sabot required loading force averages about half that of most sabot bullets.


- non-sabot design is approved for hunting in most areas
- polymer tip with a deep hollow cavity and skiving that ensures consistent expansion
- high ballistic coefficient flattens trajectories and minimizes wind drift
- required loading force averages about half that of most sabots
- fouling-cutting ring scours powder residue from the breech as the bullet is loaded resulting in consistent seating and reducing the need to clean between shots


- caliber: 50
- weight: 350 grain
- bullet type: polymer tip
- quantity: per 15

  • .50 caliber muzzleloading bullets

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