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Primos Hunting - Hoot Floot Locator - Locator Call - Hoot Flute

The Hoot Flute is easy to use. In the spring, sounding like an owl can very often entice a gobbler to give away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and, using turkey talk, lure the gobbler into range.


- Three unique tuning holes for eight different tones and frequencies
- Produces distinct pitches of the barred owl's and great horned owl's hoots
- Durable and easy to carry

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Primos Hunting - Hawk/Quail Whistle - Locator Call - Hawk/Quail Whistle

The Hawk/Quail Whistle reproduces the shrill, high pitched call of hawks and the whistle of bobwhites. It's another tool to turn to when trying to locate a gobbler.


- Produces the high pitched calls of hawks and the whistles of bobwhites

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Primos Hunting - Power Hawk - Locator Call - Power Hawk

Locating a big Tom during the day can be difficult. The shrill cry of a hawk can make those Toms gobble when nothing else can. The high-pitched frequency of the call causes them to shock gobble. Locate your next big Tom with the Power Hawk!


- Unique design for increased volume
- Perfect for afternoon or middle-of-the-day hunts

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