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Primos Hunting - Super Freak Strap-On Pot Call - Friction Call, Turkey - Super Freak Strap-On Pot Call

The Super Freak pot call holder allows you to simple and securely strap the Super Freak pot call to your leg or gun. Cinch it tight and begin calling with minimal movement.


- Preconditioned crystal surface
- Straps on your leg or gun
- Easy one hand operation
- Pot holder works with many standard pot calls

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Primos Hunting - Bamboozled Pot, Trap - Friction Call, Turkey - Bamboozled Pot, Trap

The Primos Bamboozled pot call creates sharp, high pitched yelps. Many do not know this but bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. The density of the bamboo cast extremely loud crisp yelps and cuts that gobblers can't resist. Deceive them with in hand methods, bamboozle them by "Speaking the Language".


- Bamboo Pot
- Sharp, High Pitched Yelps
- Crisp Cuts
- Includes: Custom Striker

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Primos Hunting - Purple Haze Crystal Pot, Trap - Friction Call, Turkey - Purple Haze Crystal Pot, Trap

The preconditioned surface on the Purple Haze makes the call ready to use right out of the package. For unsurpassed reproduction of a hen's full range of pitch and tone you cannot go wrong with this call. For easy handling and control, low to mid-tone calling, the Primos Purple Haze is the call to choose.


- Preconditioned Surface
- Full range of hen's pitch and tone
- Includes: Hardwood Striker, Conditioning Pad, Abrasive Sandpaper

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Primos Hunting - Ol' Betsy w/Hickory Striker - Friction Call, Turkey - Ol' Betsy w/Hickory Striker

The Ol' Betsy is built with select Pennsylvania Slate. This slate combined with the acoustical cup and internal sounding board gives you a slate call that can do it all. The Hickory Striker only adds to the versatility of this call giving you yelps and cuts that reach way out or finishing calls for close calling. Congratulations on selecting a slate call you will be proud to hunt with.


- Easiest to use
- Most forgiving friction call
- Made from the finest Pennsylvania Slate
- Slate is the easiest surface to use and produces the purest turkey sounds
- Perfect finishing call with its soft yelps, clucks, and purrs
- Includes conditioning pad and Hickory Striker

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Primos Hunting - Slick Stick Conditioner - Slick Stick Conditioner -

The Slick Stick is your complete conditioning system. From cleaning your striker, to chalking your favorite box call, it has everything you need to keep your friction calls sounding their best.


- 5-in-1 friction call conditioner
- Unique design includes stone, diamond screen, chalk, and two conditioning pads
- Chamber to clean and condition strikers

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Primos Hunting - Triple Seven Striker - Striker - Triple Seven

Want to win? Play the Triple Seven Striker and watch the toms roll in. The Triple Seven Striker reacts on slate or glass with unmatched precision. It is an all-around striker that produces awesome cuts, purrs and kee-kee runs. It is crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood.


- Reacts on any surface with unmatched precision
- Crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood

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Primos Hunting - Striker 3 Pak - Striker - 3-Pack

The striker pak produces a full range of pitches from very high to low frequencies. The Purple Heart Striker is designed for easy handling and control, to increase the accuracy of your calling. The GraveDigger Striker is crafted from select hardwood, which creates the raspy, yet sweet and clear tones turkey hunters require. The Wet Weather Acrylic Striker is 100% WATERPROOF when used with the AlumiSlate (Model No. 223), Power Crystal (Model No. 217), and The FREAK with Crystal (Model No. 210) you will not want to leave this one behind!


- Purple Heart Striker
- GraveDigger Striker
- Wet Weather Acrylic Striker

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Primos Hunting - Sonic Dome Crystal Pot - Friction Call, Turkey - Sonic Dome Crystal Pot

The Sonic Dome from Primos peaks out at over 15,000 hz giving you unbelievable volume in a pocket sized call.
Perfect for long range locating or for windy days when volume is an absolute must, the Sonic Dome is at home in any turkey hunters arsenal of calls. This call features an aluminum sound board with a crystal calling surface and includes a hardwood striker.


- Pocket size call
- Long range locating
- Aluminum sound board with a crystal calling surface

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Primos Hunting - Matchbox - Friction Call, Turkey - Matchbox

Light'em up with the straight forward sound design of the Primos Matchbox. For those that want a no frills box call at an unbeatable cost, here's the Matchbox. The Matchbox is constructed from a solid one piece box, not panels, glue or plastic like other box calls you often find at this great price. It's not good looks that call up gobblers; it's knowing how to "Speak The Language".


- Straight forward sound design
- Double-sided box call

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Primos Hunting - Turkey Starter Pack 1 - Friction Call, Turkey - Turkey Starter Pack

A comprehensive kit with the whole range of calls you need to get started speaking the Turkey s language!
Designed by turkey-calling experts for realistic intense sound this kit includes one double sided box call one
Sonic Dome slate pot with Slim Striker one Sonic Dome Double with BAT Cut diaphragm mouth call one conditioning kit and a case that carries it all.


- Double sided box call Sonic Dome slate pot
- Slim Striker Sonic Dome Double with BAT
- Cut diaphragm mouth call Conditioning kit carrying case

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