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Primos Hunting - Cash Cow - Money Maker - Elk Call - Cash Cow Money Maker

The Primos Hunting Money Maker Cow Call is a great reeded game call giving you perfect cow noises every time. Primos Cash Cow Game Call custom-designed mouth calls are extremely sensitive and realistic. This reeded game call utilizes Primos' Sound Plate design that automatically positions the call in your mouth at the correct angle, making accurate calling much easier. This Primos Hunting Money Maker Cow Call is excellent for cow mews and cow estrous sounds.


- Premium mouth calls for serious callers
- Three different frame and reed configurations
- Sound Plate technology on Money Maker series
- Pocket Change Medium Frame call offers trim-ready tape
- All-In features Crown Frame
- 4-color printed box

Primos Hunting - Cash Cow - All In - Elk Call - Cash Cow All In

The Cash Cow series are premium mouth calls designed for serious elk hunters. The Cash Cow series of mouth calls are sure to help get those big bulls coming in and help you Speak the Language. The Primos Cash Cow custom designed mouth calls are extremely sensitive and realistic. The Cash Cow All In utilizes a large Crown Frame for truly accurate nasal elk sounds. This call works best for those with medium to large palates. This call is exceptional for bugling and cow elk sounds.


- Three Latex Reeds
- Large Crown Frame
- Excellent Bugles and Cow sounds
- Includes: Pin Box

Primos Hunting - Hyper-Plate Double Reed W/LG "Y" - Elk Call - Hyper-Plate Double Reed with large "Y"

The Sound Plate automatically positions the call at precisely the right angle, making calling easier. The Hyper Plate Double has 2 reeds with a "Y" cut in the second reed, which is perfect for hyper estrus cow talk and heard bull bugles.


- Two thin latex reeds with "Y" cut in bottom reed
- 30ยบ angle of Sound Plate
- Reproduce Estrus cow and raspy herd bull sounds

Primos Hunting - The Original Can SideKick-18 #711 - The Original Can SideKick -

No more stretching on latex unless you want to!! Features a first-of-its-kind mouthpiece that enables you to produce bugles and cow calls quickly and easily with very little air pressure. Includes: "Terminator" Elk Call with cap and extra reed compartment. Two blue "Terminator" Elk Reeds that "snap-on" to the perfect position. "Terminator" grunt hose with camouflage cover and lanyard.