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Primos Hunting - Mean Mallard Double Reed - Duck Call - Mean Mallard Double Reed

The Mean Mallard Double features Tone Ridges and Tuning Ditches on the sounding board which gives it the raspy highs and lows and keeps the call from sticking. Perfect for timber and open-water calling. Call them in for their Final Approach with The Mean Mallard Double.


- Double reed duck call
- Features Tone Ridges and Tuning Ditches
- Machined aluminum collar

Primos Hunting - Shock Caller Goose Call - Goose Call - Shock Caller Goose Call

Speak The Language of geese with the Shock Caller. The Shock Caller is a short-reed call, which reproduces all the sounds of Canada geese. This call is so easy-to-blow, you will be able to master it in no time. It enables you to call with minimal back pressure. To keep the call from sticking, due to moisture, we have crafted it with patented ditches on the sounding board. They'll be Shocked its a Caller.


- Short reed Canada Goose Call
- Easy to blow
- Machined aluminum collar

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Primos Hunting - Duck Call - Original Wench

It won't stick! One-of-a-kind "ridges and ditches" on the sounding board keep the call from sticking and give the call its raspy highs and lows. Tuning hole in stopper allows you to vary pitch. Covered, the pitch is lower uncovered, the pitch is higher. Double reed is perfect for mainstream waterfowlers. Graphite sounding board, internal parts, and stopper are molded from graphite, the ideal sound conducer. The barrel is molded from super-hard glass-filled polycarbonate. Perfect for close-in timber or open water calling.

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Primos Hunting - Feedin' Mallard Shaking Call - Duck Call - Feedin' Mallard

The Feedin' Mallard is so easy; anyone can pick it up and make the feed call just like a mallard duck. When combined with your favorite duck call you sound like a flock of mallards.


- 100% Freezeproof
- Special tuning hole in bell to sound like multiple ducks

Primos Hunting - Timber Wench Dbl-Reed Mallard - Duck Call - Timber Wench

Wench style duck calls have the patented "Tone Ridges" and "Tuning Ditches" on the sounding board which keep the reeds from sticking or freezing while giving the call its raspy highs and lows. The patented reed relocation system lets you take the call apart for cleaning and put it back together correctly every time. The internal parts are molded from graphite, the ideal sound conductor, giving the Wench its unique pitch and range of tones.


- One of the duckiest duck calls
- Good for any calling situation from open water to green timber

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Primos Hunting - DU Special Edition Yo' Sista - Duck Call - DU Special Edition Yo' Sista

The Yo' Sista is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a smaller sound port designed for subtle calling, which is ideal for call-shy ducks or hunting in flooded timber. She is one of the sweetest girls around.


- Mint Polycarbonate, Arkansas style single-reed
- Polished Band
- Features a small sounding port designed for subtle calling
- Perfect for call-shy ducks and hunting timber or marshy conditions

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Primos Hunting - DU Special Edition P.H.A.T. Lady - Duck Call - DU Special Edition P.H.A.T. Lady

The P.H.A.T. Lady is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a large sound port designed for increased volume, which is ideal for open water conditions. The duck's know it's over when The P.H.A.T. Lady sings!


- P.H.A.T. = Pretty, Hot And Tempting
- Rose Polycarbonate, Arkansas style single-reed
- Polished band
- Features a large sound port designed for increased volume
- Perfect for open water

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Primos Hunting - Easy Mallard Duck Calls - Duck Call - Easy Mallard Single Reed

The name says it all for the Primos Easy Mallard. This call barely requires any air to blow, yet it produces great duck sounds. If you are looking for a duck call that is easy to blow, but very "ducky", then this is the call for you!


- Requires little air pressure to blow
- Single-reed call
- Blows when wet
- .010? thin Mylar reed makes it super easy to blow

Primos Hunting - The Nag - Single Reed Duck Call - Duck Call - The Nag Single Reed

The Nag seemed to be the perfect name because the call-shy mallards had to be begged to land in the decoys. So, when you want an easy blowing call for those call-shy ducks, Nag em' in with The Nag.


- Designed especially for call-shy ducks
- Single-reed call is very easy to blow requiring little air
- Perfect for subtle come-back calls, clucks, and feeding chatter

Primos Hunting - Pro-Mallard - Duck Call - Pro Mallard
Primos Hunting - Pro-Mallard - Duck Call - Pro Mallard

The Pro Mallard single-reed design makes this call an easy-to-blow call. It features a tuning hole in the bell or stopper, which allows you to change the pitch of the call and sound like two different ducks. This call can be used with very little air pressure. You won't wear yourself out blowing this call.


- Easy blowing single-reed call
- Blows when wet!
- Sounds great in timber or over open water
- Made with .010? Mylar reed for raspy quacks to clear high calls
- Tuning hole in the bell lets you change tone and pitch

Primos Hunting - Shaved Reed Snow Goose Call - Goose Call - Shaved Reed Snow

The snow goose voice is a challenge to reproduce accurately. To achieve the highs, lows and growls of snow geese, Primos developed the technology to shave a reed precisely to a certain thickness. The reed is actually shaved in a tapered fashion. This produces a reed with a thicker middle for backbone, and a thinner tip for sensitivity and accuracy in sound. The Shaved Reed Snow takes much less air to blow than other snow calls, with tremendous volume, and overwhelming realism. The accuracy of the sound of the Shaved Reed Snow call will make a difference on your next hunt.


- Tremendous volume with little air required
- Missile-shaped reed shaved from 9/1000? to 14/1000? thick
- Easily reproduces multiple sounds of snow geese to sound like a whole flock

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Primos Hunting - Canada Goose Flute - Goose Call - Canada Goose Flute

An easy to use flute. Back pressure is controlled automatically with FLEX-end hose. Reproduces the loud, mellow tones of the Canada goose. Features a precise "Reed Relocation" system. Includes lanyard.

Primos Hunting - Power Drake & Duck Whistle - Duck Call - Power Drake & Duck Whistle

The larger design of the Power Drake allows for increased volume. It reproduces the sounds of five species of ducks: gadwall, widgeon, pintail, greenwing teal and mallard drake.


- Unique design for increased volume
- Reproduces the sounds of gadwalls, widgeons, pintails, greenwing teals and mallard drakes
- Includes lanyard loop

Primos Hunting - High Roller - Duck Call - High Roller

Never before has producing the rolling, fluttering whistle of the pintail been done so easily. The roller built into the High Roller makes the whistle flutter automatically just like the whistle of ducks. The High Roller also reproduces the mallard drake grunt and whistle of the widgeon and teal.


- Built in roller bar that makes the fluttering whistle automatically
- Produces the whistle of the pintail, mallard drake, widgeon and teal