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Primos Hunting - Hook Hunter Mouth Call Case - Hook Hunter Mouth Call Case -

The Hook Hunter Mouth Call Case is a versatile way to store up to 8 mouth calls. You can wear it around your neck or strap it to your leg for easy access.


- Color: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo pattern
- Quiet Magnetic Closure
- Holds up to 8 mouth calls
- Mounts to leg or can be worn around neck for easy access

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Primos Hunting - Bullet Bugle - Elk Call - Bullet Bugle

The Bullet Bugle is a compact bugle built for the field that gets its design from the competition stage. Its patented Support Shelf mouthpiece enables you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones.


- Compact design allows for easy carry and variable sounds
- Patented mouthpiece and Support Shelf with Blue Reed
- Soft flexible chamber allows for quiet and easy carry

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Primos Hunting - NoLose Call Case - Call Case - NoLose

The No-Lose Call Case protects and prolongs the life of your turkey, elk, and predator mouth calls. It is designed to breathe, allowing your calls to dry out properly. The No-Lose Call Case has a spring hinge that opens quietly and closes automatically - very important when you are in the woods! It fits right in your shirt pocket. Your calls will stand upright, not on top of each other, so you choose the one you want. After using your mouth calls, rinse them with cool water shake them dry and place in a refrigerator where it is cool and dark.


- Spring-hinged, quiet, self-closing
- Holds up to 10 mouth calls
- Fits easily in shirt pocket or around neck with lanyard
- Ventilated design allows calls to breathe, giving them longer life

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Primos Hunting - See Thru Call Case - Call Case - See Thru

Designed to carry, organize, and protect your mouth calls whether they are Traditional, Sonic Dome, Sound Plate, A-Frame or PiggyBack. Tip: Rinse mouth calls with tap water, shake dry and store in a cool, dark place in the refrigerator.


- Designed to give your mouth calls more life

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Primos Hunting - MEWIE GRANDE COW CALL, TRAP - Mewie Grande Micro Cow Call -

Small in size but not in stature, the Mewie Grande is a compact open reed call with an enhancer that produces phenomenal range in tone and volume. A little air pressure reproduces soft and mellow mews and chirps. Stronger air pressure reproduces loud and aggressive cow calls. No matter the situation, the little Mewie Grande can bring big bulls into range regardless of the distance.


- Compact size
- Enhancer allows soft to loud calling range
- Easy to blow with little air pressure
- Can also be used hands-free

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