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Primos Hunting - Hyper LIP Single w/Tone Converter - Elk Call - Hyper LIP Single w/Tone Converter

The Hyper LIP Single with Tone Converter makes calling in elk easy. The open single-reed reproduces the high pitches of cows and calves. Removing the Tone Converter allows louder calling when locating or calling bulls from longer distances. The Hyper LIP Single with Tone Converter takes all the guesswork out of calling bulls up close.


- Open single-reed achieves higher pitch of cows and calves
- Tone Converter produces mellow and softer tones so important for calling in those call-shy bulls

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Primos Hunting - Cow Girl - Elk Call - Cow Girl

The Cow Girl call is a "bite and blow" style call. A cow elk's call is characterized by a note, sliding from a high note to a low note. The Cow Girl is one of the easiest ways to achieve the "sliding note" consistently. Squeeze the end of the Cow Girl for realistic inflections and volume control.


- Made of soft rubber
- Subtle sounds for close-in calling

Primos Hunting - Baby Hoochie Mama - Elk Call - Baby Hoochie Mama

Why Calf Calls... A calf's call is easy to distinguish from a cow's. Cows and calves call back and forth to each other throughout the year. Bulls and cows will often come to a calf's call to round them up and bring them back into the herd. A calf's call is not intimidating and there is no doubt the Baby Hoochie will bring bulls straight to you that would not have come otherwise.

Here's a great tip Primos has repeatedly witnessed big bulls responding to the herd talk of cows and calves. When used in combination with the Hoochie Mama you can create your own herd talk that even the hardest to call bulls will find hard to resist.


- Perfect Reproduces the Sliding Note of Cow and Calf Elk
- Easy One-Handed Operation

Primos Hunting - Slide Bugle, Clam - Slide Bugle -

Primos Slide Bugle, Easy to use slide/diaphragm design


- Easy to use slide/diaphragm design
- Increase lip pressure on reed to change notes
- Slide feature protects diaphragm when not in use
- Remove mouthpiece to cow call


- (1) Mouthpiece w/ protective slide plate
- (2) elk diaphragms
- (1) Bugle Hose
- (1) Lanyard

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