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Primos Hunting - Deadly Double Frame Call - Turkey Mouth Call - Deadly Double
Primos Hunting - Deadly Double Frame Call - Turkey Mouth Call - Deadly Double

This stacked double frame call is built with 1 ultra-thin latex reed and 1 super-thin prophylactic reed which are separated by 1/16? and will not stick together. This versatile call can be very raspy depending on how you blow it. The Deadly Double is one call that will do it all - from raspy yelps and clucks to excited cuts and cackles.


- A stacked double-frame call
- One latex reed in top frame and one thin prophylactic reed in the bottom frame - Reeds are separated by 1/16?, preventing them from sticking
- Produces raspy yelps and clucks, and excited cuts and cackles

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Primos Hunting - WP1 - Will Primos - Signature Series Calls - WP1 Will Primos

Each of The Team Primos members has developed their own personal preferences as to what they want out of their favorite mouth call. It may be the call's ability to reproduce a certain sound, it may be volume, it may be the call's ability to be blown softly with extreme realism, or it could be just how easy it is to make the call sound like a wild turkey hen.


- One Latex Reed and Two Super-Thin Prophylactic Reeds with Tuning Fork Cut in Top Reed
- Includes Two Reed Separators

Signature Series - Will Primos

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Primos Hunting - 2-Pack Camo Mouthcall Mossy Oak, Box - Moss Oak Mouth Yelper, Package of 2 -

Team Primos and Mossy Oak have shared many memorable hunts together and a great friendship for over 30 years. We are proud to produce the exclusive line of Primos mouth calls with Mossy Oak branded camouflage. The line includes five mouth calls using popular spring camo pattern with all new reed and cut combinations.


Ghost Cut in Original Bottomland:

- Exclusive offering of Mossy Oak Branded camo tap on a mouth call
- Prophylactic focused calls
- Three Latex Reeds
- Medium to high range volume
- Crisp precise yelps
- Best call for your high pitch kee-kee runs and whistles

Bat Cut in Obsession

- Prophylactic focused calls
- Three Prophylactic Reeds
- Medium to soft range volume
- Raspy yelps
- Awesome Purrs

Primos Hunting - Diamond Select 3, Blister - Diamond Select 3 Mouth Call -

When you're looking for a solid assortment of turkey mouth calls, reach for the Primos Diamond Select Turkey Call. These easy-to-use calls require very little air, but produce true, lifelike turkey sounds in the field. A handy mouth call pin box safely secures your call in transit or for compact storage.


- Diamond Yelper
- Double Diamond
- Diamond Cutter
- Mouth Pin Box

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