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Cold Steel - MAA Wing Spear - MMA Spear - Winged, 1055 Carbon Steel Head, Ash Handle

Cold Steel MAA Winged Spear

The Winged Spear is a true product of the battlefield. Its blade is wide and sharp enough to almost double as a pole arm, while its pronounced wings can be used to trap and pin an opponent's limbs, snag his shield and parry and entangle his weapons.

After countless hours of sparring and experimentation Cold Steel's company President Lynn Thompson and his training partners found many subtle nuances to this surprisingly versatile weapon. Lynn found that the more time you spend "making it your own" the more great opportunities present themselves when sparring and fighting. The head of the Winged Spear even made an effective parrying dagger and short sword on its own!


- Weight (All): 82.1 oz.
- Weight (Head): 34.1 oz.
- Head Height: 24"
- Handle: 65" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 89"

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Cold Steel - Samburu Spear (Black Finish) - Samburu Spear, 7' Length, Black Hickory Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath -
Cold Steel - Samburu Spear (Black Finish) - Samburu Spear, 7' Length, Black Hickory Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath -

Each of the Samburu spears break down into three components: The first is the spear head itself, permanently welded to a thick steel shaft. Second is the counter balancing butt spike also known as the shoe. This is used as an alternative point for practice throwing, preserving the actual spear blade itself for more serious work. Third is the black, hardwood handle with a double taper connecting the head and shoe.

The Samburu spears come unassembled for ease of transportation. All you have to do is fit the blade and butt spike tightly to the handle and attach them with the provided retaining screws. They come complete with a Secure-Exa sheath.

These spears could be described as the 300 Winchester Magnum of the spear world. They can be used at long range, fly straight, have a flat trajectory, hit hard and penetrate deep. Like the 300 Win Mag, they can be used to take any animal in North America.


- Head: 7"
- Overall Length: 7'
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Weight: 2 Lbs 8 oz
- Handle: US Made Hickory
- Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath

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