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Coleman - Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ml W/case - Portable Propane Lantern - 2 Mantle MI with Case

Take the classic outdoor experience with you when you're lighting the way with a Coleman Deluxe Two Mantle QuickPack Lantern. Find just the right light with an adjustable knob that allows you to dim the brightness level from its highest at 967 lumens to as low as you need it. Take this lantern with you in any weather; EverBrite Power will give you incredible light in any condition, anytime. One of the reasons for that is the PerfectFlow System that feeds the lantern consistent fuel, no matter the conditions. A high-temperature globe and durable porcelain-coated ventilator offer quality that will have you lighting this outdoor companion season after season. One 16.4-oz. propane cylinder will power the lantern for up to 7.5 hours on high. The mantles are pre-installed. The lantern comes with a cover for easy packing and storage.


- Bright 967 lumens on high
- Adjustable dimmer knob for the perfect outdoor light
- EverBrite Power for incredible light in any condition, anytime
- PerfectFlow System for consistent fuel, no matter the conditions
- High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
- Durable porcelain-coated ventilator
- Propane-powered
- 7.5-hr. runtime on high using one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder
- Pre-installed mantles
- Included cover for easy packing and storage

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Coleman - Lantern Hanger - Lantern Hanger -

Whether it's fuel or battery-powered, the Coleman Lantern Hanger can hold your bail-handled camp light. The chain wraps tightly around trees, limbs and posts, and the support pegs give extra stability when you set the lantern on the hook. The hanger is easy to use and safe for trees.


- Hanger and chain
- Secure to a tree post or limb to hang any bail handle lantern

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Coleman - Lantern Tripod W/grill - Lantern Tripod with Grill -

Grill up dinner over the campfire and then tell stories by lantern light with help from the Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger. Easily adjust the 17-in. diameter grill grate so it hangs over the fire at the perfect height for just the right amount of heat. When the meal is done, use the tripod to hang a lantern for just enough campsite light. When the fun is done, the shock-corded, durable galvanized steel legs collapse for convenient storage.


- Grill height adjusts easily
- Galvanized steel legs collapse for compact storage
- 17" Diameter chrome grill surface

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Coleman - Lantern Reflector - Lantern Reflector -

Get the most out of your lantern when you don't need 360° of light with a Coleman Lantern Reflector. This attachment acts as a mirror, sending more light in the direction you need it. The aluminum reflector adjusts on the top and side to fit any lantern with a ball nut on the appliance's ventilator.


- Adjustable size fits most Coleman lanterns with bail handles
- Reflector directs light toward desired area

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Coleman - Mantle Sock Instaclip Tab 2pk - Mantle - Sock Instaclip Tab, 2 Pack

Coleman's patented Instaclip tab provides effortless mantle installation.


- Slip the mantle over the burn tube and pull the tab away
- The mantle instantly secures itself

Coleman - Lantern Globe For 2000 2500 M006 - Lantern Globe - for 2000, 2500, M006

This Clear Lantern Globe is designed for Northstar Electronic Ignition Propane Lantern models 2000 and 2500.

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Coleman - Lantern Globe Clear Straight - Lantern Globe - Clear, Straight

Clear Lantern Globe, For Lantern Models 214, 285, 286, 288, 5150, 5151A, 5152A-D & 5154A & B.

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Coleman - Lantern Globe Straight - Lantern Globe - Straight

Clear, straight type globe. Used on lanterns model numbers 220 and 228 series, 290, 295, and 235.


- Dimensions: 5 1/4" High 4 7/8" Diameter
- Weight: 10.6 oz.

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Coleman - Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ei W/case - Lantern Propane 2 Mantle Ei with Case -

Make packing up your lantern as easy as possible with the Coleman QuickPack Propane Lantern. The 2-mantle design of this lantern creates a steady, bright glow of up to 1000 lumens of light that reaches up to 22 meters away. Starting your lantern is easy. Just hit the Instastart push-button ignition and dial in the perfect brightness with the adjustable control knob. Once your lantern is lit, the wide base provides stability when placed on a table, and the bail handle allows for easy hanging. No matter where you go, the PerfectFlow pressure control technology produces a steady fuel stream and consistent performance in all kinds of weather. When you're ready to head home, the QuickPack storage system helps get you on your way quickly, since the lantern base is also the bottom of your case. Just place the outer cover and you're all packed up until you're ready for your next bright adventure.


- Official lantern of the National Park Foundation
- Quickpack storage system integrates the lantern base into the carry case for easy, compact storage
- PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and high altitude
- Instastart ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
- Adjustable brightness gives you precise control for perfect outdoor lighting
- Porcelain-coated ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
- High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
- Bail handle for easy carrying and convenient hanging


- 2 Insta-Clip #21 mantles


- 1000 lumens on high casts light up to 22 meters
- Lasts up to 7.5 hours on high or 13 hours on low on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)

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Coghlans - Mantles - Single Tie - pkg of 4 - Mantle Replacements - Single Tie (Per 4)

Bright light & long burning life.

Single Tie Mantle - 4 per package
Matches the Coleman 21A104 Single Tie Mantle

Fits the following Coleman lantern models: 200, 201, 214, 220, 242, 275, 282, 285, 286, 288, 290, 295, 5107, 5114, 5150, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5155, 5177, 5178, 9950, 9960

Coghlans - Mantles - Clip-On - pkg of 4 - Mantle Replacements - Clip-On (Per 4)

Bright light & long burning life.

Clip-On Mantle - 4 per package

- Matches the Coleman 21A134C Insta-Clip Mantle
- Fits the following Coleman Lanterns: 200, 201, 214, 220, 275, 282, 285, 286, 288, 290, 295, 5107, 5114, 5150, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5155, 5177, 5178, 9950, 9960

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Coghlans - Mantles - Double Tie - pkg of 2 - Mantle Replacements - Double Tie (Per 2)

Bright light & long burning life.

Double Tie Mantle - 2 per package
Matches the Coleman 51-102 Double Tie Mantle

Fits lanterns with double tie applications.

Coleman - Lantern Ppn Ei Elite C002 - Lantern Propane Ei Elite C002 -

Coleman Elite Perfectflow Instastart Propane Lantern


- Two mantle design uses No. 21 mantles (included)
- Porcelainized ventilator won't rust
- Unique stable base with retractable feet
- Matchless lighting with easy-to-use InstaStart ignition
- One 16.4 oz. Coleman propane cylinder (sold separately) lasts up to 8 hours
- Adjustable brightness level from low to high
- Up to 15% brighter than Coleman standard 2-mantle propane lanterns
- Includes removable reflector
- Use Carry Case 2000000645 (Sold Separately)

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Coghlans - Emergency 36-Hr Survival Candle - Emergency Survival Candle 36 Hour -

Use the survival candle depending on how much light or heat is needed. If using one wick, burn it for only 3 hours and change to another, this way the candles will burn evenly. Candles will burn for 36 hours when one wick is used at a time. If 3 wicks are burned continuously, the candle will last approximately 12 hours. Matches included.


- Net Weight: 6 oz.

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Coghlans - Lantern Hanger - Lantern Hanger -

A safe secure way to hang a lantern – at any height – on any diameter tree (or post)


- Secures your lantern to a tree or post

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